Want to Drive More Search Engine Traffic to Your Website?

We provide an up-to-date, expert SEO strategy for new and existing websites in accordance with latest Google Guidelines and search engine requirements. Here's an overview of actions, in order of importance, that will be applied during your site's development and after its release, plus tips for keeping your site SEO friendly.

Content and Structure

Getting the code structure correct during the initial development is imperative. Content strategy is led by creating a relevant page title and meta description, followed by multiple levels of header tags and relevant keywords and phrases within the content. These ensure that people searching for your product or service land where they intend to. The SEO keywords you supply us with are analysed and added to the content in the optimal position within the structure, reinforced by the inclusion of suitable synonyms.

A web page is given a freshness score based on its inception date, which decays over time. The inception date is often when Google first becomes aware of the content, for example, when a Googlebot first indexes the content or discovers a link to it. Therefore, to keep your freshness score high, adding more pages and keeping existing ones up-to-date is highly recommended. Refer to our professional copywriting services page for more information on how you can get optimal SEO writing tailored to your site.


To enhance site optimisation, we advise you to incorporate a navigable domain integrated SEO blog into your site. Our platform of choice is Blogger, a product owned by Google. It is a sure-fire way to capture traffic quickly via keyword-rich content and geographical targeting. The information published on a blog is date relevant and will lose its effectiveness quickly over time, so publishing content regularly is essential. A further benefit of Blogger is that its comprehensive analytic data can be used to improve other page content at timed increments following your site's release.

SSL Certification

Google recently announced that preference will be given to websites that display SSL certificates. (Ref:

This means that websites displaying https:// will be ranked higher than those with http:// if they are equal in regards to other search ranking factors.

What does this mean for you? We recommend SSL certificates as standard but if you've yet to purchase one it's a very good idea to do this. Bear in mind that if your competitors fail to attach this certification they run the risk of falling behind you on relevant Google search returns.

So what are SSL Certificates? SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organisation’s details. When installed on a web server, they ensure a secure connection between web servers and browsers.

Link SEO

We recommend that you actively market your website by asking affiliates, colleagues and suppliers to allow the placement of a link to your website on their website. In return, we can place a link to their site on your website, creating a fluid network for customers to discover your products and services. Another key way to increase referral traffic is to link to areas of interest and external articles from your blog and social media posts.

Social Media

You can elevate your online presence through the integration of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, as well as the training of core team members in these platforms. We can draw up and implement a personalised social media strategy on your behalf, helping you to make the best use of these resources, engage with clients and generate more business opportunities - ultimately leading to more sales!

Get In Touch

If your website is in need of an SEO rejuvenation, don't hesitate to enlist our SEO consulting services by contacting our website SEO consultants today or proceeding to complete our start a project form.

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