What is PPC Advertising?

PPC is a web marketing approach which allows you to bid for the placement of adverts online, for example, within the sponsored link section of a search engine, as a graphical display PPC banner, or as a video on a blog or third party website.

Text Ads on websites
Text Ads on websites
Ads on mobile websites
Ads on mobile websites
Image Ads on websites
Image Ads on websites
Video Ads on websites
Video Ads on websites

Unlike organic search rankings, which can take months to come to fruition, paid search results appear as soon you pay for the advert's search engine placement.

Each PPC e-marketing campaign can be cleverly targeted at specific audiences, based upon their browsing habits and other criteria such as geographic location, age, education and business sector. This in turn directs users to the product or point of interest that is relevant to their search.

Campaigns, split up by Ad Groups can be created around a product category or service. Ads are created from key phrases and words which are relevant to your website structure and/or content. The keywords then take potential customers to relevant landing pages on your site. Google attribute a quality score according to the quality of your keywords and website content. Having informative, user-friendly content on your website can increase the quality score awarded to keywords, increasing the effectiveness of your paid ad and maximising your return on investment (ROI) and revenue per click.

Another effective search marketing strategy is to utilise the Google Display Network. This lets you place static or animated graphical ads on a variety of news sites, blogs and other relevant websites to reach more potential customers. AdWords dynamic search ads and static search ads are a proven soft approach to enhancing your brand awareness by reminding previous website visitors of your latest deals and products.

Google AdWords Cost Guide

Your Monthly Spend
+ Our Administration Fee
Up to £750 £150
£750 - £1499.99
20% of spend
£1500 - £5000 17.5% of spend
£5000+ 15% of spend



We were tasked with increasing unit sales by this client. They were already competitive in the local market, therefore we extended their reach by optimising the 'Targeted locations' , which in turn generated sales outside of their usual catchment area.

Goal - Enquiries, Callbacks

Monthly Budget - £400

Our Administration Fee - £150


This national business sales company requested to be top of every relevant search query upon Google. Therefore we amended their existing campaign 'Bid strategy' to 'Target search page location' which guarantees them primary position. This alone would not ensure clicks, therefore we also increased the visibility of the Ads by adding further function using the following 'Ad extensions'; callout, sitelink and call extensions.

Goal - Enquiries, Form Fills

Monthly Budget - £1000

Our Administration Fee - £200


This client required increased footfall and appointments to generate sales. They sell exclusive products from two showrooms, dividing their monthly Adwords budget equally between each. A similar approach for both showrooms has been taken, concentrating efforts on known brand campaigns to increase conversions. Again we increased the visibility of the Ads by adding further function using the following 'Ad extensions'; callout, sitelink, location and call extensions.

Goal - Enquiries, appointments and increase in footfall

Monthly Budget - £1700

Our Administration Fee - £297.50

Why invest in internet advertising?

Consumers are spending more time using digital media than any other format (see key comparisons below) and making a greater percentage of their purchases online.

To cash in, it's about getting the right message to the right person at the right time across all browsing devices, from smart phones to smart TVs.

Our expert adwords managers, using targeted Google PPC campaigns, guarantee your company a prime position within relevant search return results and/or relevant third party websites, increasing your profile and raising the probability of visits to your site.

Google Daily Media Time Statistics
ref. Google

PPC Services vs Organic SEO

When the intent of a user is to purchase, in our experience it is proven that paid search ads using brand or product-specific keywords draw buyers' attention just as well, if not better, than organic results.

Holding a prime search engine position within sponsored Google Ads guarantees user visibility, as shown in the source provided. (Think With Google, Eye Tracking Study comparing Mobile & Desktop, 2011).

Furthermore, within a search return on Google, most users focus on information at the top of the first page. Only a few will continue down the page and even fewer to further pages, making it your primary concern to focus on your search engine positioning.

So, if there is a large enough margin within the profit of a sale to allow for the bid, it is more than worth the gamble.

Think With Google Eye Tracking Study
Source : Think With Google, Eye Tracking Study comparing Mobile & Desktop, 2011

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